Athens International Airport SA

DataKat has designed and constructed several service structures in
Eleftherios Venizelos Aiport such as paying booths, bus stops,
car-park sheds and internal partitions. The structures are made
out of hot-dip galvanised steel or alluminium, were manufactured
in Datakat's industrial unit and assembled onsite.

Year of Completion : 2004



DataKat Admin.Offices & Industrial Unit

DataKat's administrative building is a three
storey, steel frame structure occupying a total
area of 1,020 square meters. The industrial unit
is situated at the rear having a total area of 1180
square meters. The structure has been analysed
and designed by Datakat's engineering
department. Architectural concept and design by
DataKat's architects.

Year of Completion : 2004



TIM HELLAS Admin.Offices

DataKat won the first prize in TIM's tender for
administrative offices. Detailed architectural
design and structural analysis was performed.



Vassilopoulos Admin. Offices & Logistics

Two storey, steel frame building for administative
offices and logistics. Architectural / structural
design and construction management.

Year of Completion : 2002



Exelixi Car Excibition

Steel frame building for car excibition and
administrative offices. Architectural/structural
design and construction management.

Year of Completion : 2005



Private Exclusive Villa, Corfu

Two storey private villa built in concrete-masonry.
Datakat was responcible for the architectural
design and construction management.

Year of Completion : 2002